Size guide

Our sizes are quite standard, so we recommend that you choose the one you normally buy in any fashion chain.

However, if you still have doubts, here is our size guide.

How to find your size

To find out what your size is, follow the steps below:

  • CHEST: To find out what size you are wearing, surround your pectorals with a flexible tape measure at the largest part.
  • WAIST: Surround the narrowest part of your waist with a tape measure.
  • HIP: Stand with your feet together and wrap a tape measure around your hips at the fullest part.
  • TRUNK: Start from the right shoulder and measure down over the chest and legs. As you measure, keep the tape close to your body. When you're done with the legs, return to the starting point at the shoulder across the back.

What if you discover that you are right between two sizes? It depends on you, if you like fitted clothes choose the smallest size, if you prefer it looser, bigger.

If your chest size is different from your waist size, our suggestion is that you choose the size based on your chest.