Ballet, its aesthetics, its strength, and the values it represents have always been a source of inspiration for me. The idea of creating Aisy Dance arose after a shopping trip with my teenage daughter, who was looking for some new dancewear, when I realised how hard it was to find a brand that really considered the lifestyle of today's dancers.

Our garments are designed and produced in Spain by our team, as we believe in the value of what is done with work, dedication and care.

Aisy Dance pretends to be more than just activewear, it represents perseverance, dedication, effort... values that not only apply to the world of classical dance, but to a particular lifestyle.

Whether you're a consummated dancer, or you've started dancing as an adult moved by a dream you had to fulfil... you set your tempo. Your world is Aisy.

Elena Casas

Founder of Aisy Dance

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